Just round the corner

I drove out along the coast road, the sea mist adding a chill to the morning, as I dropped down to Swyre the mist cleared and I knew it would be lovely on the beach at Hive, just around he corner from ‘Broadchurch’ 🙂

Hive Beach

Hive Beach

We were checking a site we will be excavating from the 20th May and we did some geophysics, that staple everyone knows from Time Team. The site consists of the remains of a stone and brick building eroding out of the cliff edge and onto the beach. There is not a lot left after this last years extreme weather, so it is very timely, as the last of the evidence about what this building was used for will soon wash away.


This building is not shown on any maps and looks as if it is probably from the 18th century, but there could also be very much earlier evidence of people using the site, it would have had good access down to the sea. I will post the geophysics when we have processed them, and we will post daily updates of the dig once we start. Do come along to see us if you are in the area, Hive Beach, Burton Bradstock, near Bridport, West Dorset. 🙂

Plaster surviving on the wall

Plaster surviving on the wall

The fact that there is plaster on the walls indicate that this was not just a shed for boats.

Geophisics on the beach

geophysics on the beach

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