Extra – information and links

This page will be were we will add more detailed research and stories we mention on the home page.

Here is a time-lapse of the corridor mosaic at Chedworth as it was excavated




8 thoughts on “Extra – information and links

    • Hi Rosie,
      Would be good to meet up as there are lots of resources we have that maybe of use including research done on the Bankes archive, may help with finding gaps you maybe able to delve into for us. I have a NT work e mail and could do with a trip to KL 🙂 cheers

  1. Fabulous. I can meet up any Monday, Saturday or Sunday, otherwise any afternoon after 2.30pm or 3pm on a Wednesday… All the best. Rosie.

    • Hi it depends on which region or country you need, we hav at least one archaeologist in each region and country, if you let me know which place/county you would like to konw about I will send you their details 🙂

  2. Hello,
    I’ve worked in the commercial archaeological industry for about 13 years and have recently decided to go back to uni to proceed in my archaeological career. Do you offer placements or volunteer positions on any of your site’s for people in my position? I’d very much like to help out if I could? I miss the dirt…..

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