The Path to the Giant

I press the red button. The generator judders to a halt. I lock the portacabin and we pick up our tools and walk over the old stone Kettlebridge… across the River Cerne.

Past the old Abbey barn and along a wooded track. The saplings bursting with new leaves. The verges richly embroidered with primroses and sweet violets.

Then up the rickety wooden steps, shifting the weight.. in the now heavy ..tool-laden buckets.

Above us, a hovering kestrel and two ravens circling.

We have reached the fence with the National Trust omega sign. “No access.. to conserve the site.The view is best seen from the road”.

But we are privileged and pull ourselves awkwardly over the stile.

Now, just a short steep climb along a chalkland terracette and we have arrived at his chalky left foot…. and rising above us, 55m high, is a mysterious naked man.

So many have written about him. Does he represent the Saxon god Heil…the Roman god Hercules…the Celtic god Cernunnos? Some say he is a cartoon of Oliver Cromwell…not so very old..or even William III.. who had a thing about Hercules. The earliest documented reference being in the parish churchwardens’ accounts of 1694..’.for repairing of ye Giant.’

Now, here we are, with 5 days to dig 4 trenches….and at the end of it all…in the centenary year of National Trust ownership…to Date the Giant… in time for the village celebration in July.. when the results of the scientific tests will be announced.

Would this be possible?

Perhaps… but first we need to dig the watch this space…….

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