Day Seventeen – 21 today, 21 today…….

The whole site from the bath house

You will get a bumper two days today as we all went out for dinner to dear friends nearby to celebrate our time with them and our years working at the villa. The scanning and photo survey guys were due at 8am and we still had a little tickling to do, so an early start. We also needed to spray the mosaics with water to bring out the colours.

SW National Trust Archaeologists with the sprayers

Bill and Robin taking the photographs as part of the recording

In the Buttress trench we carried on to find the depth of the basin and found more painted plaster and other lovely finds.

Jane who works as the education person at the villa, finally, after six years managed to have time to have a go at excavating. She worked with me in the buttress trench and soon found so lovely things.

Jane with one of her finds some blue painted plaster

Another of Jane’s lovely finds, part of a pottery bottle

We also had a birthday to celebrate with one of our core team, Amy, who joined us last year as a student on placement. She was so brilliant we asked her to join us again this year and she has also just graduated.

Amy celebrated her 21st birthday on site, we all sang

As it was a significant birthday we all had a toast with a drop of fizz


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