Day sixteen – Still something to find

Well its the end of a long day, very hot on site but the brushing and sponging continued apace, and there are still new discoveries!

From left to right Carol, Jess and Beth cleaning the main mosaic

Nick, Fay and Pete set too to move the wooden steps from the bath house so we could dig under them to see how much of the mosaic survived, Pete took on the task to clean of the last area of soil. We expected the red border to carry on straight as it did at the corridor end. But no! it turned towards the bath house wall! Yet again the last days of a dig throws up more questions!

The red border turning towards the wall in the bottom left

Antony Beeson a classical iconographer and an expert on Roman and Greek art and architecture  came to visit us again to have a closer look at the mosaics. He was there at the finding of the border change, and came prepared to walk on the mosaics, no holes in his socks 🙂

who’s feet are these?

We sprayed a few areas to see how bright they would appear for photographs, here are a few examples of the different panels and sections from the reception room and corridor.

Reception room

Reception room




Up early to do last dusting and then spraying of the mosaics before the laser scan and photographs, so to bed goodnight 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day sixteen – Still something to find

  1. What a difference a spray of water makes, the mosaics look stunning and again yet more intrigue. Enjoy your last couple of days – Jackie

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