Day Fourteen – short and sweet

As it is late due to my heading home after the dig for a day off, this will be a very short but exciting post.

I promised to let you all know about the stone find from the buttress trench, well here it is in the picture below. A spout coming out of the wall and a water tank below! Hopefully Martin will have a spare digger tomorrow to work on this area to reveal more, watch this space .

Part of the stone tank with the water spout above, filled with roman building rubble

We also had some brilliant mosaic cleaners on site today, special mention for Freddie who stuck to his task all day and did a brilliant job, hope your sore finger isn’t too bad.

Freddie and his mum Ros working hard to make the mosaics shine ready for the laser scanners

Fay’s small trench put in to find a wall 🙂

Fay’s small trench, with a layer of clay tiles under the roman opus signinum floor

Martin will update proceedings tomorrow as I take a day off to recharge the batteries, ready for the mad day cleaning on Tuesday before the scanning people arrive. Good night dear readers.

1 thought on “Day Fourteen – short and sweet

  1. It’s all looking amazing, some great finds & the mosaics are wonderful so well done all, especially in this heat – Jackie

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