Day 8 Important Visitors

Today we had important visitors. Rebecca Burton our National Trust Regional Director SW and John Orna-Ornstein National Director of Culture and Engagement. They were both very nice and Nancy showed them how to uncover mosaics alongside our Curator for Gloucestershire Julie Reynolds.


Nancy supervising the VIPs

Later in the day Lord Vestey visited and talked about the archaeological sites on his Estate which surrounds Chedworth Roman Villa. Chedworth used to be part of the Stowell Park Estate but was purchased by National Trust with money raised through public appeal in 1924.

We have now uncovered the eastern 8m of the Reception Hall mosaic Room 25b and 8m of the corridor mosaic.


Amy and Fay’s Corridor Mosaic

In 25b we are removing a spread of rubble building stone with lots of slates which we think is late Roman building collapse and in this we find oyster shell, animal bone, nails and some pottery. We found the base of a 4th century bowl today.

Peter is still digging down in the deep trench beside the buttress which supported the wide doorway that led into the corridor from the reception hall. Odd bits and pieces but nothing very exciting found in there today.


The buttress trench below the corridor doorway. The central area was excavated in 2016.

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