Day 16 – at last, the last of the turf…

A long day of cleaning and topsoil removal in room 28. As the misty rain began we hardly noticed, as all heads were down digging. Rosie, Jackie, Charlotte  joined us for the last push ahead of the laser scanning guys due at 8am tomorrow.

Charlotte and Amy finding the last of the mosaic

Rosie (in pink)cleaning of the dark topsoil to reveal a stony area

Jackie drew the short straw and had to clean of the sand put down by he excavators 17 years ago

Jackie, Amy and Carol worked to clean off the yellow sand, put on top of the mosaic seventeen years ago, it sticks to the stone and is hard to clean. By the end of the day it had gone from looking like the picture above to what you can see below!

The beautiful cleaned mosaic

And finally……

Gingerbread decoration competition

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