Day 15 – and there’s more…

Sunny and bright but a bit cooler today, as a gentle breeze blows across the site. Lots of new diggers of all levels of experience, and mainly very awkward areas to excavate. They were all eager for the challenge and after a site tour by Martin we set them to de-turf the last of room 28. Will we find surviving mosaic under this last section? The matted roots from the turf seem to be full of loose tesserae and is difficult to excavate if you have never dug mosaic before. But the girls did well Sarah-Jane who had experience digging started to find mosaic that was more secure and gradually exposed more and more! Hurray!


Sarah-Jane happy revealing the remnant of mosaic

Phoebe and Sarah-Jane finding mosaic

As well as more mosaic we had more glass, but just plain this time and in the ‘second kitchen’ room found within a rough floor surface along with lots of bone.

A bone and the larger piece of glass

Carol spent the day in a corner all on her own not because she has been a bad digger but because she is an excellent mosaic cleaner 🙂

Carol in her corner

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