Day 9 – There’s a hole in my trench….

Business as usual today, lots of lovely visitors, including quite a few who have been visiting us every year for the last five years.
Fay was banished to the kitchen trench to try to find out if the north range was built in one phase or stopped at the kitchen and was then extended later. By the end of the day she had found two courses of stone wall that do indeed point to the north range having been extended, oh! and a few animal bones as you would expect in a kitchen 🙂

A job well done Fay

We carried on taking away the middle grassy area in room 28 – the mosaic room, there are only  a few very small loose patches of mosaic under the turf – so far!

Ben cleaning the last of the intact mosaic

The two trenches behind the main back wall were a mixed bag, producing  some more glass, bone, a scaffold pole and some wooden posts! Robs trench next to the kitchen had a few animal runs and holes, there are Bank Voles at Chedworth but these look too deep, there are also a few moles, natural excavators mixing up our layers!

Robs holey trench

More wildlife to finish with a lovely shield bug

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