Day Two – Pink and green we have seen

Another day of showers but good progress to clear the pink concrete and clean off the make up layer underneath it. With in this mixed layer we found more tesserae, bone, shell, pottery and painted plaster. We have so far found coins from the 1990s, 1980s, 1970s and a 1963 sixpence, the diggers are hoping for a full 20th century set! 

Pottery, bone, tile and tesserea

Pottery, bone, tile and tesserae

 The painted plaster is a dark green, and blue colour which we have found before at Chedworth and is quite an unusual shade.

Roman painted plaster from the walls

Roman painted plaster from the walls

 As we are doing archaeology of archaeologists we have saved a 1960s curb from Prof. Ian Richmond’s excavations, it is part of the story of the site as much as the mosaics.


 The team have settled into the dig routine and are all still happy even after two days of concrete clearing!


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