A for the diggers, B is for bronze

A. To add to Martins thanks here is a team picture of the main team, a great job by all. Back row left to right, Harriet, Mark,  Hannah, Lizzie, Anna, Nance, 2nd row Martin, Tess (a digger and provider of water and goodies from the tea room) George, Harry and Fay.

The A Team

The A Team

B.  As Martin mentioned we had a mystery bronze deposit, it looks like it’s in a pot but has been under high temperature. It was difficult to dig it out in a block for x-raying and to excavate off site, as most of it was in the section and the layers were stoney and hard! those are my excuses anyway 🙂 It will be interesting to see if an x-ray will show up what the object was and will help guide the excavation afterwards.

The bronze deposit

The bronze deposit

The strange shaped block

All banaged up ready for the x-ray

All bandaged up ready for the x-ray

Oh! nearly forgot the hole Martin mentioned,  here is one of the pictures we managed to get on the self timer setting, it shows lovely dressed stone and a void heading back towards the current bath house. No gold and wonderous things down this hole maybe next time 🙂

More wall, clay and the odd spider!

More wall, clay and the odd spider!

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