Make sure you get my best side

A day of media, roman finds  specialists, lots of visitors and pondering many questions. The diggers quietly excavated down into the roman layers, Lizzie  has started to excavate what may  be a Richmond test pit against the wall in line with the bath house. The roman finds specialist came to measure and record the finds in the museum, some lucky visitors even got the chance to put their hand in the roman hand print in one of the tiles, a real touching the past experience!

Local presenter Sabet Choudhury and his BBC TV crew came along to film what we have found, and as many people are was smitten by the magic of Chedworth. 

The BBC interviewing Martin

The BBC interviewing Martin

 Lots of young budding young archaeologist at the villa, there is a Young Archaeologist  they can join, its part of the Council for British Archaeology, and they have lots of activities and events, nationally and locally. 

Me and the children looking at the roman finds

Nancy and the children looking at the roman finds

Today is concrete removal day so the site should look very, very different in the next posting 🙂




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