Object of the month – A lovely little fellow..

As we near another dig at Chedworth Villa, I thought I would make an object from there our object of the month 🙂

This little stone altar is one of a few found at the Villa and from sites nearby.

The figure on the alter holding a spear and sheild.

The figure on the altar holding a spear and shield

We like his spiky hair!

This little figure as a faint inscription at the top which seems to suggest he is Lenus Mars.  Simon Esmonde Cleary in his recently published History Press book on “Chedworth – life in a Roman villa” says that ‘Lenus was a native god from the Moselle valley in Germany where he seems to have had healing properties; his assimilation with the Roman god Mars suggests he also had warlike qualities – this identification with Roman gods is often the only way to know the name and character (or aspect of the character) of indigenous gods and goddesses.’

We are not sure why he was being worshipped at Chedworth and if he is who we think he is! Maybe a digital scan of the stone work may reveal more, wonder if we can persuade one of the Birmingham students, who’ll be digging with us, to do a little project on our altars?  Lots of tea and cake may work 🙂 off to the kitchen we go, watch this space 🙂

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