Hail smiling morn…

Day four and we are all still digging! A cold day for May, with showers and hail, so we did a lot of cleaning up our loose and running for shelter. Even with this yo-yo day we have managed to dig out a lot more of the site. A bright point in the day came when we added up our afternoon tea fund, it’s now £2.31! so we ordered the chocolate cake for tomorrow 🙂

Today it was the boys in the west versus the girls in the east, the boys clearing rubble, the girls in what we thought was rubble and finds free sandy loam.

Wall colapse rubble clearing

Wall collapse rubble clearing

Girls in the east, digging sandy loam

Girls in the east, digging sandy loam

Millie and Kathleen finished the room clearing and then tackled the fireplace, as you can see in the picture the remains of the last fire was still in the grate!

Fireplace before cleaning

Fireplace before cleaning

Millie and Kathleen - a job well done!

Millie and Kathleen – a job well done!

Now back to the sandy loam the girls were digging, first they came across more ironwork and then we had confirmation that we had a World War II dump when four spent (thankfully!) machine gun shells popped out!

spent shells

spent shells

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