The big city

This week I am on holiday, due to the fact that I have reached a significant birthday!  So as a treat we went up to London to the British Museum to see the Ice Age Art exhibition.

The British Museum

The British Museum

It was an amazing display of carving and modeling. The Culture show programme was fantastic and inspired our visit. No photography allowed so had to buy the book, lots of interesting interpretation, not sure I agreed with it all, far too much to mention in this post! The British Museum is so vast with so much to see it would take weeks to ‘do’ fully and with only an hour to spend on the rest of the museum we headed for the Lewis Chessmen. With no restrictions on photography in the gallery I thought I would post a few pictures of these amazing figures carved from Walrus tusk in the 12th century, and found on the Isle of Lewis.IMG_6887IMG_6892


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