Where’s the Village ?

Where's the Village ?

Went to Arlington Court in North Devon today and found a lone church without a village. It was once there and perhaps traces of it remain.

Ben the gardener, is studying archaeology at Bristol and researching the lost village of Arlington. I took him the resistivity kit to make a map of any buried walls of demolished buildings.

It was the fashion in the 18th century to create large designed parks around mansion houses and the landowners often knocked cottages and sometimes whole villages down because they got in the way of the vistas. Power!

The tenants were moved on to new premises but the parish church was left behind. I wonder what remains of medieval Arlington.

Good luck Ben. I look forward to seeing the results.

3 thoughts on “Where’s the Village ?

  1. Geophysics results show two ditches enclosing two buildings, one building is thirty metres long by ten metres wide and the other ten metres by ten metres. Next stage carried out in November. Fingers crossed for more buildings.

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